About Us

About Ready. Chef. Go!™

Ready. Chef. Go!™ is all about fresh, packaged take-home meals that customers cook themselves with amazing results, just without all of the headaches and hassles of cooking. At the heart of the program is an innovative cooking bag that’s been called “The Future of Fresh Take-Home Meals”.

While Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags are brand new to North America, they’ve been available in Europe, Australia, and South Africa since 2013 at major grocers such as Coles, Tesco, and Morrisons with rave reviews from shoppers.

“I love love love the steam bags. They make cooking quick and easy and help cut down on the need for butters or oil when cooking. They are heavy duty, hold great in the oven or microwave and are mess free. These bags have helped save me from time spent stuck in front of my stove in search of a home cooked meal rolling my eyes after a long day of work.”


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