About RCG! Bags

Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags are inspired by the 400 year old French cooking tradition of “en papillote” (pronounced pah-pee-yawt), literally meaning “in parchment”. En papillote is a method of steam cooking food in a sealed pouch, most commonly parchment paper. This quick, simple, and healthy cooking tradition makes meals that are juicy, savory, and fragrant. When moisture inside the pouch reaches the right temperature, it will turn into steam that will circulate inside, gently and quickly enveloping and cooking the food in its own natural juices along with the juices of any added ingredients. Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags are designed to give you the fresh, moist, and outstanding food quality of en papillote in a convenient package that takes the guesswork out of cooking.

microwave-sm Microwave & Oven Bags

  • Designed to be used in a Microwave or Oven
  • Cooks entire meals in as fast as 3 minutes*
  • Locks in flavors and juices
  • Can be refrigerated or frozen for later use
  • Eliminates mess and clean up
  • Helps contain cooking odors
  • Made from parchment paper and heat-resistant, BPA-free polyester film

*Only when cooked in the microwave

grilling-sm Oven & Grilling Bags

  • Designed to be used on an open Barbecue or in an Oven
  • Locks in flavors and juices
  • Eliminates flare-ups from grease and the need to clean and scrape the grill
  • Both sides fully cook without flipping the food
  • Can be refrigerated or frozen for later use
  • Made from aluminum foil, greaseproof paper, and heat resistant, BPA-free polyester film

“I love love love the steam bags. They make cooking quick and easy and help cut down on the need for butters or oil when cooking. They are heavy duty, hold great in the oven or microwave and are mess free. These bags have helped save me from time spent stuck in front of my stove in search of a home cooked meal rolling my eyes after a long day of work.”

C. Jones, Elk Grove, CA


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