3 Reasons to Buy Fresh Prepared Meals Made-in-Store vs. Processed Meal Kits


Over the last few years, meal kit programs have increased in popularity. These businesses ship or sell the ingredients needed to create a home-cooked meal, but there is still some mystery behind the programs. When you subscribe to an online meal kit company, you don’t know exactly where your ingredients are from, and you may still need to assemble your meal before cooking. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult to enjoy fresh prepared meals, and the cooking bags from Ready. Chef. Go! are a great alternative to meal kits.

Know Your Ingredients

When you order meal kits online, you have little control over or knowledge of the ingredients that you receive. Not all meal delivery services use high-quality food items, and many kits need to be prepared within a few days. With the fresh pre-made meals from Ready. Chef. Go!, you no longer need to worry about the freshness of your ingredients or from where they come – each convenient meal is prepared by your friendly neighborhood grocer, and can also be stored in the freezer for later use.

When you select a fresh meal kit made in your grocery store, you can feel confident knowing someone local prepared it for you. Your grocer will select the best cuts of meat, vegetables, and seasonings from the ingredients on display in the store. You’ll enjoy the foods that you already love without the hassle of selecting and preparing them on your own.

Limit Excess Packaging

While home-delivered meal kits may bring ingredients to your door, they feature individually-packaged ingredients that require assembly. The fresh, pre-made meals from Ready. Chef. Go! include one bag for all ingredients, which is more convenient and environmentally-friendly. You’ll cook your RCG meal directly within the bag in your oven or microwave, and meal kits simply don’t offer this option. Our cooking bags are also BPA-free and feature an odor and leak resistant seal to ensure safe transport between the store and your home and enhance the flavor.

Convenience You Crave

Despite your desire to eat healthy meals and to make good food choices for your family, your busy schedule may get in the way. Fortunately, fresh, pre-made meals from RCG include all the necessary ingredients to put dinner on the table quickly. These meals include all the protein, produce, and spices, and there is no need to add any additional ingredients. All the cooking bags from RCG include easy-to-follow cooking instructions on the back, and if you have any questions, simply ask your local grocer.

For fresh prepared meals that offer healthy ingredients and the greatest possible convenience, the cooking bag program at Ready. Chef. Go! is the best option. These innovative bags allow your family to enjoy a healthy dinner together every night with minimal effort or clean up. Contact us today for more information, and look for our fresh, pre-made meals in your local grocery store.

If you are a grocer, distributor, packer, or processor who wants to offer a unique product while increasing sales, Ready. Chef. Go! is right for you. Contact us to learn more about our cooking bag program and how we support our distributors and grocers. We look forward to working with you!