If you bought a bag with a prepared meal inside, your retailer packed it. Ask at the Deli or Meat counter where you bought the bag for nutritional values when you don’t see it on the sticker label.

Yes, all Ready. Chef. Go!® cooking bags have been certified as Kosher and are suitable for year round use including Passover. This applies to the bag only of course, and not the contents of the bag when you’re purchasing packaged meals from a retailer. Because the bags are packed with fresh ingredients by your local retailer, we at Ready. Chef. Go!® have no control over the contents. If you have questions or comments about the packaged meals that you’ve purchased, you should contact the retailer where you purchased the meal.

No. The bags will self-vent to prevent excessive pressure from building up inside the bag.

The bags are leak-resistant when sealed properly.

Yes, they help reduce the smell of seafood and other cooking odors.

No, not at all. The bag’s seal is designed to open slightly at the top center of the bag during the cooking process to release excess pressure. This feature helps cook your meal to perfection. Even though the seal opens slightly, liquids should not leak during cooking.

Ready. Chef. Go!® Oven & Grilling bags can be used in both the Oven and on the Grill. Unlike products from competitors, the bags have a large clear window that allows you to watch your fresh meal as it cooks. Since the food doesn’t need to be flipped to cook thoroughly, you don’t need to monitor the grill as often. On top of all of that, the mess stays in the bag, there aren’t any flare-ups and you don’t need to scrape or clean the grill after use.

No, they should be disposed of once the meal is cooked.

While the materials in Ready. Chef. Go!® bags are all recyclable, we advise against recycling them due to food waste potentially contaminating the recycling chain.

Practically everything cooks wonderfully in the bags! Just about any type of fish cooks great in the bags (Salmon and Tilapia are just two favorites). Shrimp is delicious when cooked in the bags, and Ready. Chef. Go!® cooking bags take the guesswork out of cooking shellfish such as clams, mussels, crab and even lobster! But they’re not just for seafood, because they’re also great for cooking other foods like poultry and vegetables.

Absolutely! Food packaged in the bags can be refrigerated or frozen for later use.

No, you don’t need to turn the food over because the food in the bag cooks evenly and thoroughly.

Ready. Chef. Go!® cooking bags are made from a brown or black glassine paper laminate and a heat-resistant clear polyester film. The bags are made in Great Britain and have been successfully used around the world for a number of years. These bags are BPA free and have been certified as Kosher.

Oven and Grilling are made from aluminum and a clear film and can be used on a barbeque or grill or in a conventional oven at 350°F. This is great for when the weather doesn’t cooperate and you’re forced to move your outdoor activities indoors. When using the bags on a grill, it’s best to not close the lid on the grill because temperatures can climb very rapidly in a closed grill. Just leave the lid open and the food in the bag will cook great. Grilling bags are especially handy if you’re cooking for different people with different dietary requirements because the food is kept separated.

Oven and Grilling bags are constructed with a bottom layer of aluminum foil, a middle component of non-stick siliconized greaseproof paper and a top layer of clear heat-resistant polyester film. These bags are BPA free.

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