In 2014 Ready. Chef. Go!, an LK Packaging brand, was started with a basic idea: offer the public a quick and convenient way to cook fresh, minimally-processed, restaurant-quality meals (or "healthy fast food," as we like to call it). In a hectic world, you want healthy, satisfying meals, but often lack the time using traditional cooking methods. As a result, we produced an alternative cooking method that could be the time-saving solution the public desired.
About Ready. Chef. Go! Cooking Bags

Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags are inspired by the 400-year-old French-cooking tradition of “en papillote” (pronounced ain-pah-pee-yet), literally meaning “in parchment.” This method of steam-cooking food in a sealed pouch results in meals that are juicy, savory, and fragrant. Our cooking bags bring the legendary flavors and quality of en papillote, in a convenient package, to your kitchen.

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