5 Reasons to Have a Cooking Bag Program in Your Grocery Store


Your customers live in a fast-paced world, and to keep up, they more frequently seek out quick and on-demand products, even when it comes to how they eat and prepare food. In regard to prepared meals, grocery store options are often lacking the nutritional value and convenience that busy families crave. Fortunately, the cooking bags from Ready. Chef. Go!® can fill the void, offering a convenient mealtime solution for customers while boosting your profits. Read on to learn about the five reasons – or the five C’s – why offering a cooking bag program in your grocery store is a wise investment.

1. Cater to the Changing Needs of Your On-Demand Customers

We live in an instant-gratification, Prime Now, on-demand world. This sense of urgency has been adopted in the way that many families prepare food at home, so grocers need to keep up with the growing demand for quick solutions. The RCG! cooking bags will win over busy, distracted consumers, especially among Millennials and Gen-Zers.

2. Compete with Online Orders for Food Delivery

An increase in online grocery shopping and meal delivery kits has boosted competition in the food industry. Customers are looking for quick and healthy meals, and the cooking bags at Ready. Chef. Go!® can help you stand out amongst the crowd. While you could offer meal kits in your store, providing customers with the option of fresh, pre-seasoned, and pre-packaged ready-to-cook meals creates a solution that online retailers can’t match.

3. Curate a Culinary Revenue Channel for Category Managers

By offering pre-made meals, grocery store meat, seafood, and produce managers become your customers’ line chef. Creating exciting displays to market your cooking bags will empower these category managers to move more product through their departments. Ultimately, this will improve the success of the manager and increase your profits.

4. Customize Meal Solutions to Your Shoppers’ Taste or for the Shopping Season

As the season changes and dietary trends evolve, your shoppers’ tastes will also progress. By offering a cooking bag program in your store, you’ll present shoppers with more tangible ideas for how to use the foods that you need to sell. This promotes customer engagement within your store, and customers will return in the future when they are looking for inspiration.

5. Create Promotional Vehicles for your Fresh Department

The most health-conscious of your customers will engage in perimeter shopping. They focus on fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, and fish, avoiding the center aisles where junk and processed foods lurk. By offering shoppers the chance to purchase cooking bags, you’ll curry favor with customers who already appreciate the healthy food offerings in your store. You will also attract more shoppers who are in search of fresh food and convenient preparation methods.

If you are a grocer, distributor, packer, or processor who wants to offer a unique product while increasing sales, Ready. Chef. Go!® is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we support our distributors and grocers. We look forward to working with you!