5 Things Grocers Need to Know About Sustainable Food Packaging


Sustainable packaging momentum is at an all-time high, and to keep up with the competition, grocers need to make a commitment to responsible packaging solutions. By better understanding sustainable food packaging trends, you can offer delicious products packaged in environmentally-friendly materials.

Sustainable Food Packaging Ensures Safety with Minimal Environmental Impact

One of the most critical reasons for grocers to take advantage of sustainable packaging is to improve food safety while protecting the environment. The right sustainable packaging solution will help grocers to conform to government food safety standards while also reducing packaging waste. Packaging practices that can help the environment include:

  • Use recyclable materials. Plastic, cardboard, and paperboard can all be recycled, and these materials are easily adaptable for individual packaging needs.
  • Choose natural materials. Food packaging made from natural materials like dye-free, virgin, or recycled paper are less of a burden on the environment.
  • Reduce packaging volume. Talk to your food packaging manufacturer about solutions that will preserve materials and space.

By using packaging options that promote recycling and reduce the use of resources, grocers can minimize litter and the amount of product that finds itself in a landfill.

Big Brands are Leading the Sustainable Food Packaging Charge

Big-name retailers have already made a commitment to adopt sustainable packaging solutions, so to keep up with the competition, grocers need to jump on the bandwagon. Trader Joe’s announced their plan to reduce their plastic packaging, while Aldi has pledged to make all their packaging materials “reusable, recyclable, or compostable” by the year 2025. Other retailers have banned the use of single-use, plastic grocery bags – a pervasive problem, as these lightweight bags often blow into nature and water sources, where they disrupt wildlife.

Innovative New Sustainable Food Packaging Options are Available for Your Store

The retail food industry is responsible for a large amount of packaging waste. A key trend in packaging has been movement toward recyclable and recycled materials as alternatives to Styrofoam, plastics, and other materials that are hazardous to the environment. A few notable environmentally friendly food packaging options include:

  • TemperPack supplies. This insulated packaging is made from jute and material reused from burlap bags. It helps perishables to remain chilled during shipping, and it is compostable after use.
  • Ecologic paper bottles. Made out of recycled newspapers and corrugate cardboard, this packaging solution is popular for protein powders and wine.
  • Packaging film. Researchers with the USDA have created an edible and biodegradable packaging film made from a milk protein known as casein. It can be wrapped around food products to prevent spoiling.

With so many new sustainable options available, it is important to remember that packaging is a crucial component of any consumer-packaged goods marketing mix. It will also play a major role in a supermarket’s experiential marketing.

Creative Packaging Protects and Promotes Products

Just because your grocery store is making a push toward the use of eco-friendly food packaging materials doesn’t mean that your packaging has to be boring. The use of creative and sustainable packaging will actually promote your products while appealing to environmentally-conscious shoppers. This is especially useful in your store’s fresh perimeter packaging, including pre-assembled Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags.

Sustainable Food Packaging Appeals to a Shopper’s Dual Desires for Freshness and Convenience

Today’s shoppers often look for fresh, healthy meals that are convenient to prepare for their families, and sustainable food packaging options can help to provide both. In-store meal kit programs like the Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags can help grocers to create the delicious meals that consumers want, and they are easily prepared in an oven or microwave. With no bulky packaging, shoppers will also minimize their waste.

The cooking bags from Ready. Chef. Go! offer customers a convenient way to make a fresh meal while utilizing innovative packaging materials and design. Explore our cooking bags and learn more about how our products can work for your retail location. Contact us today!