5 Benefits of Healthy Ready-to-Go Meals in Minutes


Due to the recent emergence of COVID-19, it may seem that we can't control much of what's going on in our lives. But rather than dwelling on that, let's look instead at what we can control, such as the food we feed ourselves and our family.

It may seem too simplistic, but just by focusing on lean proteins and fresh vegetables we can keep our bodies strong and healthy. Whether you're the local community grocer or the family's designated shopper, read on to discover how to provide healthy meals in minutes with no fuss.

Grocers Can Benefit From Offering Healthy Ready-to-Go Meals

So what benefits can you expect when you consistently provide shoppers with healthy grab-n-go meals?

Prevent Food Waste and Effectively Market High-Ticket Food Items

With the rising cost of fresh meat due to supply chain issues, some shoppers may begin turning to less expensive protein sources like canned meat. But if you can attractively display fresh meat in a healthy meal kit, you're much more likely to tempt them into a purchase.

Additionally, due to erratic food supply chains, you may find you have too much of specific meat or vegetable. Using the excess in healthy ready-to-go meals is an efficient way to prevent food waste. (This is just one of several ideas for reducing in-store food waste.)

Build a Local Following With Healthy Grab-n-Go Meals

In the ongoing battle to snag customers' attention, you can build a local following around your store's meal kits and grab-n-go meals. This is more likely to happen when in-store chefs create a variety of delicious ready-to-go meals every week.

A clever and creative chef should have no problem finding and preparing simple but eye-catching meal ideas. Remember to create meal kits for various family sizes – from "just the two of us" on up. Don't forget that singles need healthy meals, too!

Create a Positive In-Store Experience

For most of us, shopping is a chore. If you as a grocer can provide a positive in-store experience for the shopper, you'll strengthen their loyalty. We're not saying they'll learn to love grocery store shopping, but when you regularly provide healthy and fast meals, it's likely that they will come to rely on you for meal ideas. Discover how to best serve shoppers and create positive in-store experiences.

Shopping for Healthy Meals to Cook for Dinner

Don't have time to peruse recipes and assemble detailed shopping lists, but still want healthy meals to cook for dinner? Discover the benefits of healthy grab-n go meals from the grocery store.

Healthy Meals in Minutes

You can certainly find family meals at fast-food restaurants. However, they come with salt, trans-fats, and artificial ingredients to enhance their taste. Grab-n-go grocery store meals are made with fresh ingredients like lean proteins and fresh vegetables in order to be both healthy and delicious.

Skip the Line at the Drive-thru

Besides being healthier, grocery store grab-n-go meals save time. You're already shopping at the grocery store at least once a week, so it's simple to add a ready-to-go meal to your cart and avoid the drive-through line at the local fast food place or restaurant. In addition, grab-n-go meals from supermarkets and grocery stores don’t need to be prepared and can be cooked or heated in minutes.

Staying Home and Still Eating Well

With social distancing still essential to help reduce the occurrences of COVID-19, you need to make the most of your shopping trips. Shoppers can stay safe and eat well by purchasing healthy ready-to-go meals.

Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags and cooking containers transform wholesome food like lean protein, vegetables, and spices into meals that are ready to eat in minutes.

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