Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner w/ RCG! Cooking Bags and Boxes


As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, making delicious meals that require minimal time in the kitchen is an advantage so that families and friends can focus on enjoying the holiday season together. RCG! cooking bags and containers are a great option for making easy meals to feed the whole family.

As a grocer, offering delicious meals in cooking bags and containers will become a favorite for families hosting or individuals looking for something to contribute to their holiday parties. As families start to fly into town or schedules become busier, customers will be intrigued with the idea of taking away the long hours of standing in the kitchen, trying to prepare meals to feed all their family and friends. Guests attending a holiday gathering will be able to quickly have a delicious dish to contribute, without having to spend too much time preparing. Whether you are limited on time, don’t like cooking, or just aren’t a great cook, fresh, delicious meals are a bag or box away with RCG!

With various holidays approaching within the next couple months, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, let RCG! cooking bags and containers take one thing off your list so you can focus on the rest. Whether it is a big holiday party or just a meal for two this holiday season, RCG! has the tools to make cooking one less thing to focus on during these busy months. Lessen the stress of having to spend hours in the kitchen, while having freshly prepared meals to celebrate with the whole family.

Quick and Easy Dishes for Your Guests to Enjoy

Whether its appetizers, dinner, or dessert, RCG! has various amazing bag and container options for hosts to cook with to keep their guests wanting more! With these bags and containers, no need to take time away from your guests or stress about other items on your to-do list! Look below to see our favorite dishes to make during the holiday season and the RCG! bag or container used to make these delicious meals and treats.

 Holiday Recipes Made with Cooking Bags


With RCG!’s full line of custom and branded cooking bags and containers, there is an option for any of your needs. Whether you need help in kitchen or just want to ease the long hours in the kitchen to prepare meals to feed all your guests, RCG!'s bags and containers are here to help you. Having such a variety of bag and container options, you can provide the best easy, on-the-go meals this holiday season.

See More Recipes for the Whole Family

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