Advantages of Grab-n-Go Meals in Carryout and Delivery Packaging


In these uncertain times, restaurants need to adjust their delivery and carryout offerings to help customers save time and money on food preparation, while making safety a top priority. Let's look at how you can help your customers, whether they need a single, lunchtime meal or dinner for the entire family.

Cooking Bags and Containers for Fast, Healthy Meals with Little Cleanup

Restaurants are now able to prepare and then add meals into Ready. Chef. Go! cooking containers or bags, which require virtually no cleanup. These cooking boxes and bags for grab-n-go meals are clearly printed with cooking instructions which makes them perfect for customers to cook or reheat their carryout and delivery meals. Say goodbye to dried-out, overcooked food. Instead, your customers can have healthy, delicious meals in minutes.

The biggest issue customers have with takeout options is that the food is often cold by the time they get home and sit down to eat. While typically not the restaurant or customer’s fault, getting a takeout order home by the time it is still hot, is a major challenge. Whether it is a restaurant preparing the food ahead of the estimated pickup time, a customer arriving late to pick up the food, or simply that the drive home from the restaurant is more than a few minutes, this can all lead to cold food and an upset customer.

So why not prepare the food for customers, ready to be cooked, so they can cook it right at home and have it fresh and hot? If someone else is home while picking up the food, customers can even preheat the oven or grill, if this is the recommended cooking method.

It's important to give customers cooking options. The best styles of delivery packaging can be safely cooked in the microwave and oven, or even on the grill.

Looking for even more options? Some of our cooking bags offer dual compartments to prevent ingredients from mixing together or for making it easy to reheat a main dish along with a side dish.

Restaurants can even offer prepacked slow cooker bags. This way users can grab dinner for tonight in a cooking bag that is ready in minutes, and a slow cooker meal for tomorrow’s dinner.

Cooking Containers That Help You Sell the Sweet Stuff

Cooking boxes are great for lunchtime impulse purchases because they can attractively display grab-n-go meals, side dishes, and desserts that can be eaten directly out of the container. Cook-in boxes are a great way to protect and display foods that will not cook or travel as well in bags. RCG! cook-in containers are great for cooking raw ingredients, as well as do a great job at reheating food without becoming mushy.

Delivery packaging cooking containers are also suited for creative, nutritious family meals. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of families, from empty nesters to larger families. These user-friendly cook-in boxes have instructions on the packaging as well as a divider to prevent mixing the main meal and sides together.

In the summertime, it's nice to have the option to microwave a meal instead of heating up the house by turning on the oven. Your customers will be even more pleased at the minimal cleanup required when cooking grab-n go-meals.

Offer Grab-N-Go Meals and Snacks with #ReadyFresh

Besides the options mentioned above for offering quick-cook or pre-cooked meals in carryout boxes, you can also provide customers with tasty food items like cookies, sandwiches, and pizzas in #ReadyFresh rigid and flexible packaging. Tantalize your customers with BBQ ribs and fried chicken, which stay warm and fresh in LK Packaging’s food delivery packaging solutions.

Mealtime Convenience That Fits Customer Needs

Customers aren't always consistent in what they want to eat. Some enjoy eating lean, flavorful proteins with healthy vegetables, others enjoy something sweet and comforting, and others enjoy hot and savory meals.

When you supply customers with a variety of easy snacks and quick meals in food delivery packaging solutions, you can consistently give them what they're craving.

Contact us to learn more about the cooking bag and container program from Ready. Chef. Go! as well as #ReadyFresh packaging.