Healthy Eating Options w/ RCG! Cooking Bags and Containers


Start the new year off with some healthy food choices! Whether it is your customers' New Year's resolution, or they just want to start the year off right, RCG! has a variety of bags and boxes that can make cooking just a little easier.

As a grocer, offering a variety of quick and easy meals will quickly become a favorite for customers who want to have a good, quality meal without having to stress about all the factors that go into preparing and cooking it. Parents will be happy to have an option to prepare meals for the whole family that are both delicious and healthy. 

Whether your customers' schedules are full and don't have the time to cook, or just want some help in the kitchen, there are plenty of meal options to be made in RCG! bags and containers that everyone will love. 

Healthy Dinner Recipe

When it comes to eating, why not have something that is delicious AND good for you? With RCG! bags and containers, your customers can have it all — delicious and healthy food made quick and easy. 

Here is our favorite dish to start off the New Year:

Swicy Exotic Mushroom Crispy Chip Bake: This dish is an amazing option for the whole family to enjoy in 5 minutes in the microwave. Enjoy it on its own or top it off with the fantastic Swizy Sauce. Enjoy each crunchy bite packed with mushrooms and peas. With easy prep and clean up, there is no reason any family wouldn't enjoy this fantastic dinner option. 



Want more recipes that can easily be the talk of any gathering? Find even more delicious chef-crafted meals that can be cooked in the microwave, oven, grill, air fryer, and slow cooker. There you’ll find quick and convenient ways to cook fresh, easy-to-cook, high-quality meals, side dishes, and desserts using Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags and boxes.

For more creative ways to make meals easier, check out our blog.