Hearty Rib Sticking Irish Breakfast Boxes


This Saint Patrick's Day, give your customers a helping hand by providing on-the-go meals for the whole family. RCG! has a variety of bags and containers that make it easy for your customers to grab-n-go and relieve the stress of spending endless hours in the kitchen. 

As a grocer, offering on-the-go meals this St. Patrick's Day will allow families and friends to focus on celebrating, rather than stressing about making sure there is enough food to feed the party. There are countless meal options that can be prepared in RCG!'s boxes and containers, so relive the stress and provide your customers with pre-prepared meals. 

Whether your customers are in need of a last minute meal option or just need an easy meal to prepare, RCG! cooking bags and containers are the perfect option for providing pre-prepared meals.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Recipe

Have a long, eventful day planned for St. Patrick's Day? No need to worry about feeding friends and family early in the morning -- RCG!'s containers are perfect for providing quick and easy meals that everyone can enjoy. 

Here is one of our favorite dishes -- the perfect breakfast to start off your long and active day:

Hearty Rib Sticking Irish Breakfast Boxes:

This delicious breakfast is perfect for making sure you have enough fuel for the entire celebration, or at least the long hours until lunch. Breakfast can be ready to be served in 5 minutes in the microwave or 20 minutes in the oven. 



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