How to Use Ready. Chef. Go!® Oven and Grilling Bags


Great for Easy Weeknight Meals or Weekend Cook-Outs!

Ready. Chef. Go!® oven and grilling bags combine amazing food quality with stress-free convenience. These innovative bags can be used on the grill or in a conventional oven. They eliminate the need to flip over food while cooking, and once you are done, cleanup is simple. The mess stays contained within the bag, so your days of scraping the grill are over.

Many people who are new to this cooking method question how to use oven bags or grilling bags. There are many wonderful benefits to RCG! grilling bags, and you will get the most from them if you follow the guidelines below as you prepare your next meal.

How to Use Ready. Chef. Go!® Oven and Grilling Bags

RCG!’s grill and oven bags are incredibly convenient and easy to use. Just follow these 7 steps:

1. Place the ingredients inside the bag on top of the non-stick parchment paper.

2. Make sure the sealing area is clean and dry, then remove the adhesive strip. Fold the end of the bag over at approximately 1 inch, so half the adhesive sealing area is covered. Then, fold over the remaining part of the adhesive to create a leak-resistant seal.


    3. Pre-heat the grill (or oven) and, when ready, place the bag on the grill with the aluminum foil side facing down. Be sure to cook with the grill lid open and do not flip the bag. Both sides of the food will cook evenly.

    4. Monitor the food until it is fully cooked. You can refer to our list of recommended cook times to assist you. A meat thermometer may also be useful.

    5. Take the bag off the grill when the food is cooked thoroughly.

    6. Let the bag stand for 1-2 minutes to cool.

    7. Finally, cut the bag open with scissors (beware of hot steam and liquids when opening), plate the food, and enjoy your meal!

    General Cooking Tips

    Cooking with RCG! oven and grilling bags is simple and fun! Keep these 3 tips in mind when preparing your next meal:

    • Add spices, seasonings, butters, or sauces. Be creative! Add your own personal touch to your meal with any combination of flavors.
    • Cook proteins and vegetables together as desired. You do not need to keep your veggies and protein in separate bags. Feel free to cook them together, but for best results, use no more than 1½ pounds (24 ounces) of food per bag.
    • Ensure food is cooked thoroughly before you eat. If the food needs additional cooking time, just refold the bag and place it back on the grill or in the oven.

    Using grill or oven bags will give you a mouth-watering meal without the hassle of traditional cooking methods.

    Grilling Tips

    With the cooking bags from RCG!, you will quickly become the master griller in your home. These bags are easy to use, and there are only a few guidelines to consider:

    • Do NOT flip the food. One of the coolest features of Ready. Chef. Go!® grilling bags is that your food will cook evenly without having to flip.
    • Cook at a low to medium temperature with the grill lid off. When you close the lid, the temperature inside the grill will rise rapidly. When combined with a high flame, this may lead to burning of the parchment paper. These problems can be avoided by cooking at no higher than a medium temperature and leaving the lid off.

    Once you remove your grilling bag from the grill, your job is done. There will be no mess or residue left for you to scrape off later.

    Oven Tips

    Whether you are faced with bad weather or simply do not have the time to grill outdoors, you are in luck! The RCG! grilling bags can also be used in the oven. If you find yourself wondering how to use oven bags, these steps will help:

    • Thoroughly preheat the oven. Make sure your oven is completely preheated to your desired temperature before you place the grilling bag inside. Never cook your grilling bag above 400° F.
    • Place the bag on a baking sheet on the center rack. We recommend you place the grilling bag with the aluminum side down on the baking sheet. This will allow for even and consistent cooking of your food.

    With the RCG! grilling bags, it has never been easier to get a delicious, home-cooked meal without the mess. Not sure what to cook? We have delicious recipes specific to our grilling bags.

    Should you have any questions about the products or how to use them, feel free to contact us for more information. Visit our product section to purchase your very own oven and grilling bags today!