Innovative Food Packaging for Grocers and Distributors

Like other types of technology, innovative food packaging has blossomed in the past 20 years. To help people eat healthier and with greater convenience, Ready. Chef. Go! (or RCG!) has designed a wide variety of cooking bags and containers:

Recently, you may have heard about a different type of cooking called sous vide (pronounced “sue veed”). This article explains sous vide and its connection with RCG! cooking containers.

What Is Sous Vide Cooking?

alternate cooking method

Sous vide cooks food in a plastic bag, surrounded by water that’s held at a steady temperature. It requires only a food-safe, sealable bag and a small device for circulating and heating the water.

Sous vide cookery has existed in the industrial food sector since the 1960s. But in 1974, French chefs Pierre Troisgros and Georges Pralus experimented with sous vide in a commercial kitchen, looking for a better way to cook foie gras.

RCG! and Sous Vide Cooking Bags

Thanks to innovative food packaging solutions, sous vide cooking is now available to anyone with sealable cooking bags. You can use some RCG! cooking bags for sous vide cooking.

RCG!’s slow cooker cooking bags are designed to be immersed in water and slowly cooked in a slow cooker to ensure meals are perfectly prepared.

The RCG! Sous Vide Cooking Process

The process is simple:

1. Place Food in a Sealable Bag

Sous vide cooking bags should be made of a food-grade, BPA-free plastic cooking bag, like Ready. Chef. Go! slow cooker bags.

2. Remove the Air from the Bag

Sous vide literally means “under vacuum.” While it’s important to remove as much air as possible from the sous vide cooking bags, it’s not necessary with RCG! cooking bags to vacuum seal to completely remove air.

3. Immerse the Bag in a Pot of Water

Place the cooking bag in the pot of water or a slow cooker with enough water and turn it on. Note: please follow cooking bag directions on how much water to use.

4. Cook at a Steady, Low Temperature

Sous vide cook prepared best when the temperature is kept consistent.

Tip: Sous vide cooks at a low temperature, so food takes longer to cook than conventional methods. But in exchange for your patience, you’ll get an extremely tender and juicy meal!

Cooking Containers for All Types of Customers

RCG! cooking bags are an innovative food packaging solution that will interest and delight a wide variety of customers. They work for many types of meals, like desserts, side dishes, and meat and vegetables.

And, as you’ve already seen, you and your customers have many methods for cooking or reheating: on the grill or in the microwave, grill, and slow cooker!

RCG! Cooking Bags Can Be Customized

If you’ve looked over all our cooking bags and don’t see what you need, no worries! RCG! has custom manufacturing capabilities to meet whatever branding or packaging needs you require:

  • Custom packaging
  • Custom printing
  • Custom bag sizes
  • Custom bag configuration
  • Laser perforation
  • Vent holes

A Cooking Bag Program for Your Store

Want to grab your customers’ interest every time they walk through your door? Provide a variety of colorful, eye-catching meals that aren’t just tasty—they’re also healthy! Even better, they don’t need to do prep work or post-meal cleanup.

The RCG! team is ready to help you launch an in-store cooking bag program. When you join the cooking bag program as a distributor or grocer, the RCG! team provides you with a wealth of support:

  • Product offerings
  • Marketing support materials
  • Operational and training support
  • Culinary solutions
  • Program FAQs
  • Responding to your customers
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