Making the Most of Tamper Evident Food Packaging


Tamper evident bags and packaging are an increasingly popular food packaging with restaurants, retailers, wholesalers, and customers. For example, you may have already noticed the prominent labeling on tamper evident food delivery bags from restaurant delivery or takeout.

You may not have thought about tamper evident bags in the context of the grocery store. However, there are strong reasons to do so.

This article covers:

  • The difference between tamper resistant and tamper evident packaging
  • The benefits of tamper evident packaging
  • Types of tamper evident packaging

Tamper Evident Bags Versus Tamper Resistant Packaging

Tamper evident bags show signs if someone has tried to open it. This can be as simple as an eye-catching piece of tape that will rip if the packaging is opened.

Tamper resistant packaging, on the other hand, means that the packaging encloses the product in such a way that it is difficult to open it and access the inner contents.

Over the years, some manufacturers have become a bit too zealous in their tamper resistant packaging. After purchasing the product, consumers find it too difficult to open. This has led to the concept of easy-open packaging.

Here is one way to remember the difference between tamper evident and tamper resistant packaging:

  • When you see “tamper evident” = Shows evidence if someone tampers with it.
  • When you see “tamper resistant” = Will resist if someone tampers with it.

Benefits of Tamper Evident Bags and Packaging

The benefits of tamper evident packaging serve both the customer and the business:

  • Safety - Protecting food from malicious tampering or accidental opening keeps customers safer.
  • Peace of mind and satisfaction - Customers don’t have to worry about germs, dirt, or something worse getting into their meal after it’s been prepared.
  • Reputation - Customers appreciate the fact that your business takes the extra step in keeping their safety in mind. This enhances a business’s brand and reputation.
  • Loss prevention - Using tamper evident bags prevents product loss, such as the try-before-you-buy sampling in the grocery store.

Types of Tamper Evident Packaging

Besides tamper evident food delivery bags, many other types of tamper evident packaging exist, such as:

  • Plastic or foil seal under lids and caps.
  • Button-top security on jars.
  • Special tape covering the bag or box opening.

Another way to think of tamper evident packaging is the built-in perforation on bags. Customers know not to eat the product if this perforation is broken. Ready. Chef. Go! bags and #ReadyFresh pouches can be used as tamper evident bags for grab-n-go meals in restaurants and grocery stores.

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