Full Line of Custom and Branded Cooking Bags and Containers


Making a lasting impression is important for any company. One of the primary factors towards achieving this lasting impression is through packaging. Packaging informs the consumer about one’s company and its products and has the capability to increase sales and profit, while exhibiting a more professional look.

Not only are customers more likely to purchase products from a familiar brand, but with custom or branded packaging, there is an increase in brand recognition. Additionally, a custom design allows the freedom to create packaging that will cater towards your target audience. With the right packaging, your company can build personal connections with the consumer, establishing a brand they recognize and trust. 

Finding the right packaging is easy. RCG! has a variety of cooking bag and container options that will help you package your food products for quick and easy preparation. Whether it’s the microwave and oven bags or the slow cooking bags, RCG! has the packaging you need. Not seeing the bags or containers fit for your products? Don't stress! RCG! cooking bags can be customized and manufactured to meet whatever branding or packaging needs you require! Let’s look at the packaging options RCG! already has in stock and all the custom options RCG! can provide.

Ready. Chef. Go! Cooking Bags and Containers

RCG! has a line of cooking bag and containers that were created with the idea of maximizing the customer’s convenience, flexibility, taste, and safety. With extremely busy schedules, consumers are likely to be intrigued with the idea of quick and easy meals that the entire family can enjoy. Here are the cooking bag and containers RCG! has to lessen the stress of preparing meals.

  1. Microwave & Oven Bags Lined with parchment paper to insulate food while cooking in the microwave or oven.
  2. Oven & Grilling Bags Foil-lined bags that can be tossed on the grill or cooked in the oven.
  3. Slow Cooking Bags Simplicity itself: Place the bagged ingredients in the slow cooker and turn it on.
  4. Microwave Cooking Containers Goes straight from store to microwave to reheat food or cook raw ingredients.

Can't Find the Cooking Bag or Containers You're Looking For?

RCG! can customize cooking bags and containers specifically for you. If you aren’t finding the bag or container that is perfect for your brand, no need to worry. RCG! has custom manufacturing capabilities to meet whatever branding or packaging requirements you are looking for.

  1. Custom Packaging – Create packaging specifically tailored towards the needs of your products.
  2. Custom Printing – Inform your customers on the product or brand by printing the necessary components on your bags or containers.
  3. Custom Bag Sizes – Get the specific size(s) you need for your products.
  4. Custom Bag Configuration – Design the bag or container to your company’s specifications.
  5. Laser Perforation – Design your packaging to be breathable, microwavable, resealable, etc.
  6. Vent Holes – If your packaging needs vent holes, RCG! can customize your bag or container to include them.

Cooking Bag Program for Your Store

Found the bag or container you’re looking for? Or planning on creating a custom bag or container? Continuously grab your customers’ interest every time they walk through the door with RCG’s cooking bag program. When you join the cooking bag program as a distributor or grocer, the RCG! team provides you with a wealth of support:

  • Product offerings
  • Marketing support materials
  • Operational and training support
  • Culinary solutions
  • Program FAQs
  • Responding to your customers

Contact us to discover which cooking bags and containers will work in your store or restaurant. Whether it’s the slow cooker bags, microwave cooking containers, or stand-up pouches for food, we’ll tell you what sells best for your type of clientele. If the RCG! cooking bags and containers don’t fit your specific needs, contact us to learn more about the customization options and find the right option for you.