Slow Cooker Liner Substitute: RCG Slow Cooker Bags


Slow cookers can help you save time by keeping you out of the kitchen, but if you're still stuck scraping food gunk out of a messy crock pot, then what's the point?

For a long time, the solution was to use a slow cooker bag that served as a barrier between the food and the crock pot bowl. Also known as slow cooker liners, they enabled home cooks to save time, energy, and lots of hot water because when the meal was done, the bag could be thrown away.

Slow cooker bags have been around for a while now, but with even less time available nowadays for cooking, the modern home cook badly needs a slow cooker liner substitute.

Fortunately, a new crockpot liner replacement is on the market. Created by Ready. Chef. Go!® (RCG), it combines the fast clean-up of a slow cooker bag with prepped, wholesome meal ingredients to create a healthy family meal solution.

Ready. Chef. Go! Slow Cooker Cooking Bag Advantages

The RCG bag has many advantages over traditional slow cooker bags:

  • Convenience
  • No prep and no cleanup
  • Food stays moist and flavorful
  • Simple and safe to handle
  • Instructions provided

A Crock Pot Liner Replacement Designed for Convenience

The most obvious benefit of this new slow cooker liner substitute is that it's easy to buy and easy to use:
  • RCG slow cooker bags are designed to be pre-made in the grocery store with meal ingredients and sold to shoppers as a ready-to-cook product.
  • The food-filled bag cooks in a crockpot with no stirring, shifting, or flipping required.
  • The consumer throws the bag away when done – no crockpot scrubbing, scouring, or scraping!

Meals Require No Prep and No Cleanup

After purchasing the RCG bag, the shopper simply places it in the crockpot and cooks it for the amount of time indicated on the bag's instructions. It's not necessary to tear open the bag or pierce it with holes, as the bag is designed to self-ventilate steam.

The RCG bag works for a wide variety of people, including those who:
  • Don't know how to cook
  • Can't cook due to disabilities
  • Don't enjoy cooking
  • Don't have time to cook

Meals Are Moist and Flavorful

Another benefit of the RCG bag over the traditional slow cooker liner is that the food is completely sealed in the bag. No flavor or heat escapes during cooking time, which leads to a more moist and tastier meal.

When dinner's ready, even if you're running late getting home from work, another adult at home will find it easy to serve it up by cutting the bag open or peeling back the tape. The food can be served directly out of the bag.

A Crock Pot Liner Replacement Designed with Safety in Mind

RCG bags are easy to handle, leak-proof, and have a tamper-evident seal. Although they are designed to vent at the top (to release steam), no liquids will escape during cooking. All slow cooker bags are also equipped with a handy die-cut handle for easy transport between the store and your home.

Clear Instructions Printed on the Bag

The instructions printed on the bag ensure that consumers don't over-cook or under-cook a meal. This is especially important when, for food safety reasons, food must be cooked to a specific internal temperature.

Where to Find the Latest Slow Cooker Liner Substitute

Consumers benefit from the RCG slow cooker bags because they don't have to sacrifice time and energy to serve a healthy, delicious meal. Consumers who want to try out the latest in slow cooking meal convenience should ask their local grocery store about the newest bags from Ready. Chef. Go!.

The slow cooker bags from RCG offer the potential for grocers to increase their revenue by providing consumers with another option for fast and affordable cooking solutions.

The RCG cooking bags are revolutionizing the way that families cook at home. Have questions? Check out the FAQs or Contact Us to learn more about RCG and joining our in-store cooking bag program.

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