Smothered Pork for National Soul Food Month



June is National Soul Food Month! To celebrate, we have a delicious Smothered Pork in Bacon Gravy recipe for you and the entire family to enjoy! This recipe is so easy to prepare and the bags come together in minutes. 

Slow cooker bags are also a large capacity bag, making it easy to cook for parties, events, picnics, buffets, and more! One slow cooker bag filled with this unbelievable pork dish will easily feed 8+ on a buffet table!

Easy Recipes the Entire Family will Love  

Summertime is busy with the kids out of school, camps, summer plans, travel days, and more! Help your customers by giving them pre-prepared delicious food options that will make their long summer days just a little bit easier while still having unforgettable dinners with the family. 

Smothered Pork in Bacon Gravy:

Wind down after a long summer day and enjoy some mouthwatering smothered pork in bacon gravy. After running around all day, it is important to end the day with a filling dinner that will keep the family asking for more. 

Spend time with the family while waiting for dinner. Although this dish is slow cooked for about 4 hours, it will give optimal time to spend with the family on these long summer nights. 



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