The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Chicken Using Cooking Bags


Chicken is one of the most popular proteins on any restaurant menu and at grocery stores. Whether you want to add oven-roasted chicken as a main dish or use this meat as an ingredient in a ready-to-cook meal program, cooking bags make a great tool for cooking chicken that your customers will love.

With so many different cooking methods available, see why making chicken based, cooking bag meals an option at your grocery store or restaurant will be a major hit.

How to Use Cooking Bags to Cook Chicken

Let's explore using cooking bags for the following methods:

1. Oven roasted chicken in an oven bag
2. Microwaved chicken in a microwavable bag
3. Grilling chicken in a foil-lined grill bag
4. Slow cooker chicken in a slow cooker bag
5. Cooking chicken in an air fryer bag

Cooking Oven Roasted Chicken in a Cooking Bag

One of the most popular methods for cooking chicken in a cooking bag is oven-roasted chicken. This cooking method is easy to prepare, sells well at almost any time of year, and produces moist and delicious chicken every time!

To oven roast chicken in a cooking bag, prepare the raw meat and other accompanying ingredients, assemble them in the oven bag, and place them in a preheated oven. Ready. Chef. Go!'s oven bags come with suggested temperatures to follow to get the best cooking results. To put a tasty twist on the traditional recipe, try this Oven Roasted Citrus Chicken Thighs recipe developed by Chef Mark Cleveland. The mix of citrus flavors and spices will surely be a hit with customers!

Cooking Chicken in a Microwave Bag

Microwave bags make cooking chicken quick and simple. This healthy cooking method is perfect for those who are short on time, as it cooks chicken quickly and leaves behind very little mess to clean up. The microwave is also a top choice for reheating a pre-preprepared and cooked meal. This way, you can cook the meal in store using whatever method you like, and the customer can reheat via the microwave in just a few minutes.

To cook delicious chicken in a microwavable bag, just place the raw or precooked chicken and desired supporting ingredients into the cooking bag and start the microwave! Your meals will steam in the microwave-safe bag, putting the tender in chicken tender. These bags work great for selling or cooking pre-prepared frozen pieces as well as fresh cuts. This delicious herbed chicken and mushrooms recipe only takes five minutes to come together. Talk about quick, easy and delicious!

Grilled Chicken in a Cooking Bag

chicken is one of the best dishes to offer during the summer months. If you're looking for a delicious way to cook juicy and flavorful chicken, try grilling it in a cooking bag!  Each RCG grilling bag has aluminum foil on the bottom of the bag that cooks the meal fully without needing to be flipped. Yes, you do not have to turn your chicken meal over for it to cook fully on over the grill --truly a game-changer. The clear top window also allows you to easily monitor the cooking progress without having to open and reseal the cooking contatiner. While there are many options for chicken cooked on the grill, we love this recipe for BBQ organic drumsticks and baby potatoes.

Slow Cooker Chicken Made in a Cooking Bag

Slow cooker meals make great grab n' go meal options to offer for weeknight dinners. Put together your ingredients in a bag that customers can purchase and throw in a slow cooker with zero prep on their end. The other part your customers will love about these slow cooker chicken meals is that there is no cleanup. Once the meal is finished cooking, they can remove the bag from the slow cooker, eat their meal and recycle the bag once finished. 

For chicken dishes prepared in a slow cooker using a cooking bag check out beloved classic slow-cooked chicken and dumplings. Your customers will love seeing this meal as an option in your grab-n-go meals program.

Making Chicken Using Cooking Bags and an Air Fryer

Air fryers are relatively new when compared to other cooking methods, but they don't disappoint when it comes to cooking dishes like chicken. One of our favorite things about cooking chicken with an air-fryer-friendly grill bag is that it doesn't require much, if any, oils or fats to get a quick, easy, fully-cooked result. And while chicken is a great staple for air fryer cooking, chicken grease is also one of the hardest things to clean out of a air fryer. Using a cooking bag completely eliminates this issue and keeps your air fryer spotless while cooking chicken.

For families with children, prepacked chicken nugget meals, are a kid-friendly, fan favorite.


Using cooking bags for chicken is a great way to offer easy to make, flavorful meals for your customers. We’ve shared recipes for oven-roasted, microwaved, grilled, and air fryer chicken meals -- all put together in cooking bags. Each cooking method produces delicious results you'll want to add to your menu. If you’re looking for a healthy and convenient meal option, Ready. Chef. Go! carries well-designed options that make cooking chicken in a cooking bag the go-to choice! See our full list of poultry-based recipes for ideas and inspiration on what you could be offering to your customers.

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