Microwavable Produce Pouch

Ready. Chef. Go!®’s Microwave Pouches act as steam pouches to cook delicious vegetables and side dishes in minutes. With a handy zipper and die cut handle, the microwavable food pouches provide an easy grab-n-go option to prepare and enjoy a variety of side dishes. The microwavable produce cooking bags are printed with recommended cooking times for various vegetables to take the guesswork out of cooking and there is next to no cleanup!

Discover Ready. Chef. Go!’s Collection of Microwavable Food Pouches

Item Number Size Qty/Case
OSZ75104BGP Standard Size - 7 ½ X 9 ¾ + 4BG 250
OSZ13855BGP Family Size - 13 ¼ X 8 ½ X 5 ½ BG 250

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