5 New Cooking Methods You Need to Know


Alternative Cooking Methods

Are you tired of preparing your meals the same way every evening? Do you long to try something different to create a healthy and delicious dinner for your family? If so, you must know about these 5 new cooking methods and how easy they are to integrate into your everyday life.

1. Grilling

Grilling is a fast and convenient way to cook your meals. The term “grill” usually elicits images of cooking hamburgers and hotdogs during a backyard barbecue, but there are other methods to grilling food. You can use:

  • Charcoal
  • Electric heat
  • Gas flames
  • Wood

This dry cooking method requires a minimal addition of fats, all while keeping vegetables and protein juicy and tender.

2. Steaming

Steaming is one of the healthiest new cooking methods. Cooking your food in water vapor over boiling water allows the food to stew within its own juices. This also allows your vegetables and proteins to retain much of its nutritional value, and offers a wealth of other great benefits:

  • Steamed foods are easier to digest than foods prepared by other methods
  • Reduces the usage of cooking oil
  • Ability to cook several foods at the same time without mixing odors and flavors (as long as you steam items separately)

You’ll also use fewer kitchen utensils than other cooking methods, which means easier cleanup, especially if you’re using an RCG! cooking bag to steam your meals.

3. Microwaving

When it comes to alternative cooking methods, microwaving is considered to be the most convenient. Microwaving food offers the shortest cooking time by cooking food from the inside out. You can microwave just about anything, from typical meat and vegetable dishes to scrambled eggs, rice, and frozen foods. Microwaving helps to preserve nutrients, especially in vegetables, and can offer you a nutritious meal with minimal prep and cleanup.

4. Baking

While baking is a fairly traditional cooking method, new advances have revolutionized the process. Baking works by applying dry convection heat to food in an enclosed environment, locking in moisture and browning dishes on the outside. It is often used for creating bread, pastries, and desserts, but cooking bags from Ready. Chef. Go! also allow you to use your oven to easily cook proteins and vegetables.

5. En Papillote

En papillote (which translates to “in parchment”) is a French cooking method in which food is put into a folded parcel and baked. The RCG! cooking bags were inspired by this style of cooking, where bags can be placed in a microwave or oven for heating. This cooking method seals in nutrients and flavor, and is ideal for fish, lean cut meats, and other items that could potentially dry out in other circumstances.

While each of these different methods of cooking have their pros and cons, they share one common factor – all can easily be achieved with the cooking bags from Ready. Chef. Go!®. These innovative cooking bags make it easier than ever to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal, regardless of your cooking method of choice.

Are you unsure of which cooking bag is right for you? Read all about the Different Types of Cooking Bags we offer or contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve each of these cooking methods.