Different Types of Cooking Bags


Ready. Chef. Go!® bags are an innovative way to cook healthy and delicious meals without the mess. These heat-safe bags come in a variety of sizes and are made for almost every cooking application, including microwaves, ovens, and grills. The right cooking bag will allow you to create a delicious, healthy meal for your family even on the busiest of days, and they are a staple for any kitchen.

What Are Cooking Bags?

The RCG! bags were inspired by the French cooking tradition known as “en papillote”, which literally translates to “in parchment.” This cooking method works by trapping heat and steam to surround food, and the result is a juicy and delicious meal. There are many benefits to this cooking style including:

  • Enhanced flavor. Cooking bags can infuse vegetables and meats with delicious herbs and spices. This captures flavors that could be lost with other forms of cooking.
  • By steaming food with water rather than butter or oil, you’ll save on calories. Plus, by using natural spices to improve the flavor, you’ll need fewer condiments and add-ons while you eat.
  • If you love to cook but hate the cleanup afterwards, cooking bags are a great option. The mess is contained within the bag, which you’ll simply recycle.
  • Reduced cooking time. Cook your meals faster than ever with en papillote cooking. Captured steam helps to thoroughly cook your food quickly and evenly, and your fresh meal will be ready in as little as three minutes.

This quick and easy cooking method is revolutionizing the way that we prepare meals at home, and commercial retailers are also jumping on the bandwagon. Grocers are now using cooking bags to pre-package meals for customers.

Microwave & Oven Bags

Microwave and oven bags are available in varied sizes in order to accommodate the largest – or smallest – of meals. Whether you need to quickly heat an individual portion in the microwave or cook dinner for the entire family, RCG! bags are available in the size you need. These cooking solutions can leave you with a healthy meal in a matter of minutes.

Grilling Bags

The grilling bags by RCG! allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a grilled meal without the mess. Simply place your ingredients in the bag, fold, and seal with the paper adhesive strip. There is no need to flip, as the innovative bag will cook your chicken, fish, or vegetables evenly. Once your meal is fully cooked, simply remove the bag, allow time to cool, and enjoy. There’s no need to scrape the grill grates or waste time cleaning up with this quick and easy cooking method.

Get excited about meal time again with the Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags. Visit our product section to view all the cooking bags RCG! has to offer, or contact us today to learn more about how these bags can change the way your family cooks.