Benefits of New Microwave Cooking Containers from Ready. Chef. Go!


To provide the ultimate meal convenience, grocery stores can prepare meal kits or meals-to-go in new Ready. Chef. Go! microwave cooking containers, some of which are both microwave and oven safe. These cooking containers can hold either raw ingredients for grocery store meal kits or pre-cooked food for meals-to-go, and be placed right in your home's oven or microwave.

Suitable for Both Grocery Store Meals-to-Go and Meal Kits

If you are a grocery store or supermarket that already provides consumers with a weekly rotating menu of meals-to-go in bags, our microwave cooking containers are a refreshing alternative. If you don't yet have a program to sell grocery store meal kits or meals-to-go, debuting quick meals in sturdy and sustainable Ready. Chef. Go! cook-in containers are the way to begin.

Check out the benefits of offering grocery store meals-to-go.

You may find that shoppers prefer the stability and sustainable nature of microwave containers, which are available as a clamshell or lidded design with divider options available. They'll also appreciate the clear and concise cooking instructions printed on the labels.

These cook-in containers offer a taller profile to prevent foods and sauces from pressing against the window and creating a messy appearance. The boxes are easy to stack within cases and are easy to transport.

Benefits of Using Microwave Cooking Containers

Microwaveable cooking containers save time because you don't need to rinse and load them into the dishwasher after a meal. Additionally, these containers are designed with CFBB white board printed kraft and PE (Polyethylene) lined recyclable materials and a PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) laminated window as a part of Ready. Chef. Go!’s effort to be more sustainable.

The appeal is universal in our busy society since all sorts of people, but especially those who don't have the time or desire to cook, are relieved to find meals that are both wholesome and appealing including:

  • Hard-working professionals
  • Couples with young kids
  • Seniors fed up with cooking and clean-up

If your store already has a microwave in the meals-to-go area, you can use the cooking containers to sell quick lunches to lunchtime shoppers. They can heat and eat ready-to-go meals directly in the store. This single-serve grab-and-go option is a great way to introduce your customers to the wide variety of grocery store meals-to-go for dinner.

Got leftovers? No problem! You can reheat in RCG! microwave cooking containers!

Learn What's Involved in Meals-To-Go and Meal Kits

Starting a meals-to-go (or meal kit) program in your store is quick and easy, and can be another lucrative revenue stream. Get more information regarding our new cooking containers here. To learn more about the cooking bags that are the linchpin of a successful program, check out Ready. Chef. Go! FAQs and other details.

Already Have a Meals-to-Go Program?

Bring more variety to your grocery store meals-to-go with microwave cooking containers. Contact us for details!