Which Cooking Bag or Box Is Right for Your Grocery or Restaurant?


If you’re interested in adding a profitable revenue stream to your grocery store, restaurant, or convenience store, without investing in expensive equipment, check out cooking bags and containers.

cooking bagsIt’s not difficult to get started with cooking bags and microwave containers. You can use your existing menu or create a fresh, new line of meals. Either way, your customers will thank you for helping them eat healthier with less prep and cleanup.

Let’s look at the wide variety of bags and containers. There are sure to be several that will be a good fit for your clientele.

Why Customers Love Cooking Bags and Containers

Customers care about convenience, flexibility, taste, and safety. We designed Ready. Chef. Go! bags and containers with these points in mind:

  • Convenience - Bags are either self-sealed (with adhesive) or heat-sealed, meaning they won’t spill or leak. All that’s required is to slip them into the microwave, oven, grill, or slow cooker and follow the cooking instructions.
  • Flexibility - Customers appreciate multiple cooking options. That’s why we have bags and containers for the grill, oven, microwave, and even the slow cooker like microwave steam bags, containers, and more!
  • Taste - Our unique bags have a secret venting feature that allows just the right amount of steam to escape while cooking. Customers will enjoy moist and flavorful food without having to guess the best cooking time.
  • Safety - Our cooking bags and containers are food-grade and BPA-free to avoid exposing anyone to unnecessary chemicals. Even better, some bags and containers are made of recyclable material.

Whether a customer cooks their meal in the microwave or oven, they’ll appreciate being able to choose the cooking method.

Microwave and Oven Cooking Bags

From the viewpoint of a grocery store or restaurant, there is also much to appreciate about microwave steam bags and containers:

  • Dual compartment bags – Perfect for those recipes with sauce or seafood when you don’t want the protein and produce to inter-mingle.
  • Stand-up pouches for food – The upright position of these pouches is a natural eye-catcher. Load them with attractive sides like herb-laden potatoes or vegetables, and they’ll fly into shoppers’ carts!
  • Produce pouches – Specifically for the microwave, stores and restaurants can expand their menu with a variety of healthy side items.

Foil Grilling Bags for the Grill and Oven

Our foil grilling bags are another example of our flexible cooking bag offerings. In the summer, many families prefer to grill outdoors to avoid heating up the house. But if the weather won’t cooperate, these bags work in the oven, too!

Another benefit of our foil bags is that the family can enjoy the pleasant weather outside without messing up their kitchens. They also don’t have the unpleasant task of scraping food off the grill grates afterwards.

Tip: Foil bags are also perfect for those new to grilling. Inexperienced grillers don’t have to worry about flipping the food or dried-out food.

Slow Cooker Bags for Succulent Meals

Everyone appreciates slow cookers for the long, low-temperature cooking that results in juicy, flavorful meals. Using a slow cooker is appropriate no matter the season or weather.

Not only does a slow cooker bag prevent overcooking, but it also makes clean-up a cinch. With just the right seasoning, a protein, and colorful vegetables, you have the perfect grab-and-go meal.

Microwave Cooking Containers for Healthy Fast Food

If you’re a store or restaurant with an eating area and microwave, you can take heat-and-eat up a notch. Customers in a hurry can cook and eat their meals on-site with microwave cooking containers.

The containers are sturdy enough for eating directly out of the packaging. They can hold raw food for cooking as well as pre-cooked food that just needs to be reheated.

To make these container meals even more tempting is their clear top that displays the attractively arranged food. An optional divider insert keeps sauces and seasonings from inter-mixing.

New Year, New Products, and New Revenue

Contact us to discover which cooking bags and containers will work in your store or restaurant. Whether it’s the slow cooker bags, microwave cooking containers, or stand-up pouches for food, we’ll tell you what sells best for your type of clientele.

Distributors - you can interest your customers in this unique product line and open a lucrative revenue stream. Not convinced yet? This short video demonstrates how easy it is to use and sell RCG bags!