Innovative Food Packaging Solutions

In the era of meals-on-demand and online shopping, there’s a real need for on-demand, high-quality foods which provide consumers with the fresh, healthy food they’re looking for in a faster, more convenient package.

The most innovative food packaging provides easy, healthy, and convenient on-the-go solutions.

Packaging makes the difference for both consumers and institutions: in the store, functional products catch attention and drive revenue, while designing innovative food packaging solutions also increases an institution’s ability to keep up with demand and improve efficiency.

Of course, the key is in the product design, which can be tailored to specific situations and customer preferences. For instance:

  • Ready. Chef. Go!® provides convenient, easy-to-use cook-in containers and packaging which match today’s lifestyles and give consumers ready-to-go access to healthy, gourmet meals on demand: all they have to do is pick up the bag and cook (find cooking tips for RCG! bags here!).
  • #ReadyFresh™ perimeter packaging for dairy, deli, bakery, produce, and meat/seafood keeps food fresh, easily labeled, and convenient.
  • In line with the need for more environmentally friendly innovative food packaging, LK Packaging offers COMPOSTA, a line of fully compostable and marine-safe food containers. Some #ReadyFresh™ perimeter packaging is also marine safe and compostable.
  • For wholesale distributors who want to offer retail customers’ high-quality, in-demand packaging, LK offers access to thousands of packaging SKUs, available every day, across the country.

#ReadyFresh offers health-conscious customers a convenient meal package

Health-conscious customers look for high-quality, fresh ingredients. Often, these ingredients are found at the perimeter of the store, in the deli, bakery, and produce sections, but they can also be time-consuming to select and prepare.

Adding the right meal packaging adds an extra layer of instant convenience: instead of the hassle of pulling together a prepared meal, #ReadyFresh offers all the quality and transparency of perimeter foods, but in a convenient, no-brainer package.

#ReadyFresh products can be used for both hot and cold merchandise and come in rigid or flexible options. All of the rigid packaging is sustainable, and some are compostable as well for peace of mind and environmental friendliness.

Some of the rigid #ReadyFresh packaging is also microwave and oven safe, offering a fast and easy way to prepare fresh food in minutes. These cooking containers are incredibly versatile and designed to make cooking easier than ever.

Innovative food packaging design offers true on-the-go convenience for busy people looking for fresh, appealing products.

When shoppers first see the product, they interact with the packaging, which makes all the difference in determining what gets noticed on the shelf and what people want to buy.

For more information on where to purchase RCG! bags and the others mentioned, contact us today or learn more about where to find our Ready. Chef. Go! line here.

For grocers, distributors, packers, and processors, LK’s RCG! and #ReadyFresh are a way to offer cutting-edge, innovative food packaging solutions for a modern market while increasing sales. We are also here to help distributors and grocers with our in-store cooking bag program.

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