RCG! Parchment Cooking Bags and the Environment


Parchment paper is a necessary cooking tool for every kitchen. With so many cravings and so little time, parchment paper makes it possible for anyone to cook a tasty, well-balanced meal without the hassle and clean up. That’s why at Ready. Chef. Go!® we offer two different kinds of parchment paper bags for your microwave or oven so you can enjoy the many benefits of this cooking style. Even better – all our RCG! parchment cooking bags are safe for the environment.

RCG! Parchment Bags Offer Eco-Friendly Cooking

At Ready. Chef. Go!®, minimizing our impact on causing harm to the environment is an important goal. Although our bags are recyclable, we advise against it due to the potential for food waste left in the bag which can contaminate the recycle chain. For this reason, we designed our bags to be compostable and BPA-free to ensure both your body and the environment aren’t affected by the chemicals often found in cooking tools and materials. Parchment also serves as a great alternative to aluminum foil, which requires greater processing and has been shown to leach into food when used at high temperatures.

Other Benefits of Cooking with Parchment Paper

Although parchment paper is considered a kitchen staple in many households, most people are probably not aware of the many benefits available in utilizing it to cook meals. Here are five ways in which parchment paper can make cooking easier, safer, and healthier for you and in turn the environment:

  • Even cooking. Especially helpful in baking, parchment paper functions to ensure even cooking. The parchment creates a thin layer between the baking sheet or pan, and the paper helps to regulate temperature, neutralizing hot spots.
  • Insulation. When you wrap poultry, meat, and fish in parchment paper bags or envelopes, you create a steam pocket that will gently cook the meat. The result is a tender and moist meal— and you’ll minimize your chance of overcooking.
  • Prevent sticking. When you cook using parchment paper, your meal will slide right off. You won’t have to scrape your dinner off the bag and risk losing flavor and your meal!
  • Easy to cut. If you line a pan with parchment before baking, you can easily lift an entire sheet of brownies out by the edges to make straight cuts. This same maneuverability is available with parchment cooking bags.
  • Healthy. Cooking with parchment paper can create a light and flavorful dish without the extra butter and salt. When you place your fish, veggies, meat, and herbs in our Ready. Chef. Go!® bags, the ingredients steam inside using their own moisture.

Cooking with parchment bags allows you to create a mouthwatering and portion-controlled meal with minimal cleanup. It has never been easier to create your family’s favorite meals.

About Our RCG! Parchment Bags

We’ve made it easier than ever to cook with parchment paper and we now offer two types of parchment paper bags. Our Jet Black Parchment Paper is perfect for individual meals and single servings, while our Artisan Brown Parchment Paper also comes in a family-size option. Both parchment and size options can be used when cooking in the microwave or oven.

At RCG!, we aim to make cooking easier by providing you with the alternative you’ve been seeking. Oven and microwave bags help you to quickly prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family without sacrificing the flavor. For questions about how to use our bags or where to find them, please contact us today.