Advantages of Cooking Seafood in a Cooking Bag


Shrimp, scallops, and lobster are just a few of the culinary delights we draw from the sea. But cooking seafood can be tricky. The solution? Cooking seafood in a bag!

If you inadvertently overcook seafood (and it’s easy to do), it’s dry and tasteless. Another reason people avoid cooking seafood is that its strong odor can permeate the entire house or space.

Seafood cooking bags solve these two issues and provide a few more benefits. We’ll go over these benefits, then we’ll share some tasty recipes for easy-to-cook seafood dishes.

Benefits of Cooking Seafood in a Bag

Once you’ve tried cooking seafood in a bag, you’ll be hooked. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy cleanup — Cooking bags are leak-resistant and can be placed in the trash after you remove the cooked food. Our seafood cooking bags can be recycled when following the correct instructions!
  • Less odor — Lingering smells are greatly reduced with seafood cooking bags. While the bag opens slightly while cooking (to release excess pressure), the smell of seafood is greatly reduced.
  • Better flavor — A sealed cooking environment keeps the flavor of the food inside the bag, yielding more succulent results.
  • Tender, juicy results — Because food is steamed (as opposed to being cooked with a dry heat), it’s stays moist.
  • Almost 100% carefree — When using grilling bags, seafood does not need to be flipped, so you can continue with other dinner preparations.
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Easy-to-Cook Seafood Dishes

Seafood recipes are easy to find online. But some recipes are rather complicated. Plus, it’s hard to know how the recipe will turn out.

Ready. Chef. Go! are the experts on cooking seafood in a bag. Our cooking bags help produce moist, flavorful meals. These three seafood recipes (and other seafood recipes) are designed and tested to yield luscious, dinner-time meals.

Mixed Seafood Boil

What makes this Mixed Seafood Boil recipe unique is the specially designed seafood spice mix. But if you want to use Zatarain’s for a Cajun influence or Old Bay for a touch of New England, go ahead!

BBQ Grilled Cortez Halibut Fillet

The ponzu sauce mentioned in this BBQ Grilled Cortez Halibut Fillet recipe is a classic Japanese condiment that adds a tart-tangy flavor to the fish and vegetables.

Brown Sugar Salmon RecipeBrown Sugar Salmon with Green Beans and Carrots

You can’t get much more simple and healthy than salmon, green beans, and carrots in this Brown Sugar Salmon recipe. However, the interesting combination of sugar, spices, and sauce elevate it to a sophisticated meal.

RCG! Cooking Bags – Endless Recipe Combinations!

We hope these recipes have piqued your curiosity. To learn more about seafood cooking bags (which can also be used for other proteins), visit the Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bag collection.

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