Back to School Lunch Packaging


School lunch packaging is one of the many things that parents must consider when creating a back-to-school meal plan. As kids go back to school, parents all over the world grapple with providing a balanced lunch that is filling and healthy, but also convenient and easy to prepare.

School Kids Need Nutritious Lunches

Parents want and need to ensure their children receive a filling, nutritious lunch the five days out of the week that they are in school. Although many rely on their school’s cafeteria, that’s not always a viable option for picky eaters or children with special dietary needs although cafeterias strive to provide a variety of foods to meet student needs. Not to mention, kids often get tired of the same school meal program day after day.

Older Kids Don’t Always Want the School Meal Program

Lunch Meal ContainerBeing choosy about what they eat or following a certain dietary standard (like vegetarianism) is a way for older children in middle or high school to express their growing independence. They can be quite decisive about not wanting the standard cafeteria fare or a sandwich and chips from home.

RCG! School Lunch Packaging Is a Simple School Lunch Solution

Grocery stores can be part of the back-to-school meal plan solution by providing lunch-sized meals in microwavable bags and containers. Students just heat these grab-n-go lunch-sized meals in their school microwave for a healthy, filling lunch in minutes.

Parents appreciate the simplicity and safety of the RCG! meal solution because the bags are both spill-proof and tamper-evident. Helping parents with school lunches is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. The grocery store portions and packs healthy lunches in RCG! microwave bags or containers.
2. Parents pick up several lunches during their weekly shopping trip.
3. Students tote the meal to school in an insulated lunch bag (with an ice pack) and heat them up in the cafeteria microwave.

Since many middle and high schools include microwaves in their cafeterias, students can simply heat, eat, and then throw the container away when they’re done. This simplifies cleanup and removes the obligation to remember to bring the container back home.

Furthermore, Ready. Chef. Go! school meal packaging can be offered by the cafeterias for students to enjoy grab-n-go meals in the cafeteria and during after-school activities. Busy parents will be relieved to have a selection of healthy lunches for their children and by rely on the school meal program.

Colleges Kids Also Need Healthy Lunches

It’s not just the kids still living at home who have lunchtime needs. College students across the nation eat lunch, too! RCG school lunch packaging fits extremely well with the desire of colleges and universities to help their students eat better with as little fuss and muss as possible.

These young adults are living the independent life for the first time. Their parents may be many miles away, but their “surrogate” parents, the educational institution, has a responsibility to offer options in the school meal program that are not only nutrition, but also convenient and cost effective.

Colleges Can Help Students Eat Better

Visiting the campus dining hall three times per day isn’t always viable for students, even when they live on campus. College and university food institutions can help these younger adults by including ready-to-eat lunches in their back-to-school meal plans.

College students can pick up a to-go meal to eat later, such as when the dining hall is closed. Even if a student doesn’t have a microwave in their room, college dorms typically have several on each floor.

Students who live off-campus can also take advantage of take-home meals. They can stop by the campus cafeteria on their way home to purchase a heat and eat meal packed in spill-proof school lunch packaging. This is healthier option than stopping at a fast-food place.

Step into Better Sales and Higher Profits

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