Back to School Lunches Made in Cooking Containers & Bags


This back-to-school season, look to these easy, kid-friendly, microwave meals to make healthy meals, even when your schedule is busy. RCG! cooking bags and cooking containers are a great option for when time to make lunch is limited or when parents aren’t available to feed kids before or after school.

As a grocer, offering kid friendly meals in cooking bags and containers will become a favorite for both parents and kids. Parents will be happy that they have one less meal to prep and that their kids are still getting a freshly prepared meal. Kids will love the fun and unique recipe options and the ability to heat up their meals right in a microwave.

Whether the meal is before, during or after school, there are plenty of great meal options that any child will enjoy.

Microwavable Breakfast Recipes

If your household is like many family homes, mornings are chaotic! Your priorities center around getting the kids dressed, getting yourself ready for the day, and setting everyone up for success (or, for as much success as possible before the morning caffeine’s had a chance to kick in).

cooking bags in store

Start the day on the right foot with a healthy breakfast using RCG! microwave cooking bags.  Simply place your ingredients in the bag and pop it in the microwave, following the directions on the package. As quick and easy as pouring a bowl of cereal or popping a frozen waffle in the toaster, but with fresh ingredients, kids will love these breakfast options made in cooking bags

The possibilities for kid friendly breakfasts made in cooking bags are endless. To give you some inspiration, check out two of our personal favorites:

Breakfast Sausage with Tater Tots and Vegetables - This easy, flexible sausage breakfast recipe uses many of the foods you likely already have without being boring or bland.

Strawberry Pancakes - Pancakes + strawberries + cinnamon sugar + cream cheese = A scrumptious breakfast with next to no clean up. Get the recipe here.

*Bonus Tip - Prepare your microwave meals the night before if you find yourself running out of time to get everyone out of the door in the morning.

Easy Kid-Friendly Meals for Lunch

Once school is back in session, parents are scrambling to figure out what to make for kids' lunches. Kids also quickly become bored with the repeated classics like PB&J or ham sandwiches. That is why cooking containers are a great lunch box alternative and can make packing healthy and exciting school lunches easy. Many grocers offer these kid-friendly meals, premade in-store so you don’t have to think about what’s for lunch.

Many parents grab these for their kids to start and end up grabbing one for mom and dad as well! See some of our lunch time favorites:

Lunchtime Hot Dogs - The recipe for hot dogs takes just a few mins to cook in the microwave and not much longer to prepare if you need to put together a last-minute lunch box.

Tonkatsu Cutlet Box Lunch - They’ll be the talk of the table with this Japanese-inspired tonkatsu lunch. Ready. Chef. Go! cook-in tab lid boxes allow for excellent texture in the microwave and conventional or toaster ovens. They make great back to school boxed lunch containers, as kids can heat their meals right in the box!

Microwavable After School Snacks and Dinner Recipes

Coordinating your schedule to have meals and snacks ready after school can be difficult, especially when you factor in work and after school activities. Having a few healthy microwave meals ready to go will allow your older kids to feed themselves, even when the adults are tied up.

BBQ Organic Drumsticks & Baby Potatoes - This recipe consists of just 3-4 ingredients and is a go-to for easy, kid-friendly meals. You can prepare this in advance by grilling a large batch and saving the leftovers for the week. Kids can put the chicken and potatoes in an RCG! microwave bag to heat up after school on their own.

Chicken Nuggets with Mac and Cheese - Chicken nuggets paired with Mac & Cheese is a kid favorite and a back to school meal that is easy, fast, and fun. See the classic (and a bonus salad that kids will actually eat) here.

See More Recipes for the Whole Family

Want more recipes that the entire family will enjoy? Find even more delicious chef-crafted meals that can be cooked in the microwave, oven, grill, air fryer, and slow cooker. There you’ll find quick and convenient ways to cook fresh, easy-to-cook, high-quality meals, side dishes, and desserts using Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags and boxes.

For more creative ways to make meals easier, check out our blog.