Make the Most of Innovative Food Packaging

innovative-food-packagingNow more than ever, consumers are looking for innovative cooking methods. Because they are eating at home more, many people want to try different ways of cooking.

Innovative food packaging, such as microwave and oven bags, grilling bags, and slow cooker bags let customers experiment in their kitchens. Even better, they can do so without the need to purchase a new appliance or countertop-hogging device.

And for those who don’t like to cook or don’t have time? Innovative take-away food packaging lets restaurants and grocery stores sell ready-to-cook meals and heat-and-eat meals.

Cooking Bags Offer Innovative Cooking Methods

Let’s look at the three key benefits of using cooking bags.

1. Customers get to choose their cooking method

Several types of cooking bags can be cooked in the microwave or the oven. Additionally, customers can also use the grilling bags and slow cooker bags, which function in the oven as well.

2. Smart portioning of ingredients

By providing customers with a meal that includes all the necessary ingredients, consumers avoid purchasing excess spices and other ingredients. This is a definite benefit for developed countries like the U.S. and Europe where food waste is a real problem.

3. Food tastes better!

Cooking bags use the en papillote (“in parchment”) cooking method, which traps heat and moisture while cooking. Food is more flavorful and succulent when compared to traditional dry-heat cooking methods.

In addition to the en papillote cooking method, you can use some Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags to cook sous vide (“under vacuum”). In this cooking method, food is sealed in a waterproof bag and submerged in water.

Cooking Boxes as Innovative Food Packaging

Cooking boxes also deserve mention as a handy type of food packaging with many advantages:

  • Depending on the ingredients, customers can use the lined paper boxes in the microwave or oven.
  • A divider insert can be added to keep two types of food separate.
  • The box shape makes it easy to stack in display cases – or in the customer’s refrigerator at home.
  • Those in a rush can cook the food in the box and eat directly from it – convenient and good for the environment!

Pouches and Containers with Innovative Design Points

The cleverly designed #ReadyFresh line of pouches and containers can hold many types of convenience food.

#ReadyFresh Pouches

#ReadyFresh pouches are innovative take away food packaging that are BPA-free, resealable, microwavable, and even freezer safe. The clear side windows are practical (customers can see what’s inside), but that also helps sell the product. Attractively displayed food sells itself!

The pouch handles are another useful feature, but also an innovative selling point. It’s just so easy for customers to lift the pouch out of the display case and into their carts!

#ReadyFresh Containers

The #ReadyFresh containers are also designed with practicality and marketability in mind. To ensure that food is always clearly – and temptingly – displayed, most of the containers have either a transparent, anti-mist lid or side window.

Another inventive feature is the packaging that’s specifically shaped for the type of food it’s intended to contain. Here are a few examples:

Innovative Food Packaging Can Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty

Consumers love to be surprised and intrigued by new and innovative cooking methods. If you always provide novel and appealing heat-and-eat meals, customers will regularly visit your store or restaurant.

As a distributor or grocer, you’re only weeks away from increasing sales and profits with innovative take away food packaging! Contact us and discover all the benefits of the Ready. Chef. Go! Cooking Bag Program.