Tips for Using Microwavable Produce Pouches


Let’s face it, when you’re making dinner in a hurry, it’s tempting to skip serving a vegetable. But microwave vegetable bags help you get a complete and nutritious meal on the table — fast.

Grocery stores and restaurants that carry vegetable side dishes as microwave pouch meals can save you time. No more peeling and chopping and one fewer dirty pan to clean up.

This article provides tips for home cooks, grocery stores, and restaurants for preparing healthy, tempting side dishes in produce pouch bags. The result is simple vegetable side dishes with little fuss or mess.

Tip #1 – Mix It Up

If you love vegetables, it’s refreshing to combine two or three of your favorites to see how the tastes complement each other. This works best when you use seasoning that lets the natural flavors shine through.

Our recipe for Brussel Sprouts with Carrots and Mushrooms is a perfect example of keeping it simple. Just add vegetables, olive oil, and salt for an easy microwave pouch meal!

Tip #2 – Try the Sweet and Savory

When we mention cooking produce in microwave vegetable bags, we don’t mean just vegetables. Certain fruits work wonderfully to liven up the same old, same old vegetable dish.

For this Cranberry Orange Green Beans recipe, the green beans and cranberry are infused with the juice of real oranges for a sweet and savory result!

Tip #3 – Step It Up with Spice Mixes

microwavable produce pouchesThe two vegetables that star in this next microwave vegetable bag recipe — corn and edamame — are wonderful alone. But when you combine them, the sum is greater than the parts.

Two more ingredients bring the Corn & Edamame Esquites Vegetable Side Dish to an even tastier level – a cream (or Ranch) sauce and chili lime seasoning.

Tip #4 – Cut Prep Time with Premade Sauces

If you have kids (or know adults) who don’t like to eat their vegetables, try adding a tempting sauce. This recipe of Creamy Yams and Spinach uses a jarred sauce to save time and add more flavor. The side dish gets extra zing from the addition of your favorite seasoning mix.

More Cooking Bag Tips

  • Experiment with combinations of your favorite vegetables, spices, and sauces.
  • Printed guidelines for cook times are on the side of the produce pouch bag.
  • When cooking a recipe for the first time, use the minimum recommended time, then add on 15 seconds at a time until it’s done.
  • If you haven’t yet assembled or cooked with microwavable bags, watch our short demonstration video.

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